Relationships to business is like peanut butter to jelly. You can do both separately, but it is much more successful when both are involved together. At Healthy OilSeeds, we expect the utmost importance in the of relationships within our business endeavors. The relationships we build with customers, the trust we can create, the help we can lend and the genuine care for each other drives our determination in our business. We have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of businesses, 49 states, 22 countries, as well as artists, farmers, college students, and many more that will be coming in our near future.

Relationships within business can foster such a unique experience. When there is no relationship past the business aspects of a transaction, then that is what it will end with. Just a transaction and a goodbye. That’s not what we look for. We look for that connection through people, through a mutual care for others that entails not only a returning customer, but a friend.

Relationships building from a business standpoint can help you get new customers, retain current customers and manage a positive reputation for your business. With relationships at the forefront of your business, you can transform from just another company to a brand that is known and trusted. This can create a great word-of-mouth lifestyle that will bring new clientele to your doorstep begging to buy your products and create the worthwhile relationship they have heard of.  

As Important as it is to have this sort of rapports with clients, it is also very pertinent that you create these lasting relationships with those inside your organization or company as well. At Healthy OilSeeds, we are a close knit community of less than ten employees. We emphasis the importance of relations by showing it from the inside out. We start by making sure that those whom we work with everyday know how vital it is to us that we stay connected and moving towards the same goals. We love to treat this business of ours as a family that supports, encourages, and always stands beside all of its members. We then reflect that in the way we do business with everyone who contacts us about our products.

We are here to not only sell top notch products, but more importantly create relationships that last a lifetime.