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About Flax

Flax is a bluish-purple flowering plant that is abundantly grown in cooler, northern climates. As flax matures, it produces flaxseed, a high-fiber oilseed that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, flaxseed has a high lignin content and also contains mucilage gums. This unique combination of nutrients– omega-3 fatty acids, high-lignin content and mucilage gums— have many health benefits:

  • Relieves skin conditons
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Eliminates constipation
  • Reduces inflammation and heart disease

“No other commonly eaten nuts or seeds contain such a combination of healthy nutrients.”

Our Flax Products

Human consumption, dietary supplement, pet food ingredient, poultry food, used in therapeutic wraps, baking, egg substitute (mixed with water).


Dietary supplement, baking ingredient, pet food ingredient, equine and livestock feed ingredient


Dietary supplement, cooking (salad dressing ingredient; do not heat), cast iron seasoning, paint ingredient

Animal feed supplement, human dietary supplement, baking

Baking, pet food ingredient, good source of fiber (humans)

What makes our flaxseed the best choice?

Cool climate

North Dakota has the ideal climate for growing flax because flax grows best in cool nights with a dry harvest and adequate rainfall throughout the growing season.

Best practices

Our growers are invited to attend Good Agricultural Practices Training (GAP) annually. This is an in-person training that meets the requirements of the FSMA Produce Safety Rule. We co-sponsor this with the North Dakota Department of Ag in order to ensure food safety best practices are followed on our growers’ farms.

Local growers

The seeds in our products are grown locally. We have long-term good working relationships with our growers, helping and supporting them during all parts of the growing season. We often make visits to the fields to monitor the crops in our products.

Flax farm North Dakota grower


We work almost exclusively with the variety Omega golden flaxseed so there is a lot of consistency since we work with only this variety.  It has a nutty taste and a bright golden color.
Brown flaxseed has well over 100 varieties in the world and there can be inconsistencies in taste between varieties. The color varies from light to dark brown.  The nutritional profile is nearly the same as golden flaxseed.
Milled flaxseed cake is defatted.  It has been run through an expeller with most of the oil pressed out of it. It has 8 to 10% fat content.
Milled flaxseed mills the whole seed.  It contains 40% fat. 
Both are used as an ingredient in food production and as an animal feed ingredient.

No.  We ship anywhere from gallon size orders to container shipments.  There are price breaks on quantity orders on the product itself as well as with shipping prices.

Healthy Oilseeds buys directly from the grower giving us complete traceability of the seeds to the field. We have been in business since 2002 and are knowledgeable in growing practices, exporting, and uses of the seeds.  We care very much about each customer and provide the best we can in customer service.  We are a small family owned company and will always do our best to provide you with excellent products!

Healthy Oilseeds

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