Cooking healthy usually entails sacrificing some of the foods you really enjoy. Although, Karen Smith has found a way to make simple substitutions to everyday foods that have really enhanced the way you see eating healthier. Karen is the sister of Healthy Oilseeds president, Roger. She spent over thirty years of her life in the world of foods and nutrition as a Family and Consumer Science teacher. She very simply tried to incorporate healthier options into fun recipes for her students to promote the use of healthier items, but also to make it enjoyable for eighth grade students. She recalls a time where they took fresh fruit and even kale from the school garden and made a smoothie that was yummy, healthy and even made the students day. Karen makes the same orange flax seed muffins for her post college daughters now as when she did when they were children. What a special memory to have, and a healthy one at that! 

Karen now works in sales for her brother’s company and has concluded that the transfer from FACS teacher to sales associate for an oilseed company was easy, because she has a true belief in what she is selling. She does believe that what Healthy Oilseeds creates and sells makes a difference in the way we take care of our bodies from the inside out. She has loved to expand her cooking and baking with flax and hemp more since she has access to a steady supply of these ingredients. She has truly gained a passion for finding or creating recipes, making them, and then sharing them with others to try as well.

The Healthy Oilseeds website has a recipe section in order to share and educate consumers on how they can use hemp and flax as a simple ingredient to many well-known foods. For example, recipes on how to spice up a pesto or even a salsa can be found under the recipes tab. 

Enjoy the food you eat, and give your body foods that it will thank you for