“I believe in luck. The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

This was a common statement made by Brock Gussiaas, late son of Healthy Oilseeds owner Roger. He meant to radiate the idea that when you work harder, you and your chances of success will be better.  He lived his life to the fullest and by the young age of 28 he had traveled to about 35 countries and met many people from all over the world including a few country ambassadors. While traveling on trade missions, he sometimes even got to spend time with the North Dakota Governor, the Commissioner of Agriculture and many other business leaders. He made a difference in the lives of all those he encountered. 

Brock was and continues to be the heart of the company. He is the motivation and drive that Healthy Oilseeds uses to honor him in their work. His goal was to make sure that local North Dakota products can be shared with the world. Brocks aunt, Karen Smith, highlighted how much he meant to not only his family, but to the business that he had built with his father. She shared that he is the reason she does what she does. He had a passion that everyone knows cannot be replaced. Karen states, “We work daily at Healthy Oilseeds knowing we can always make things better keeping in mind Brock’s passion and desire to work at making things great!”

Brock was a hard-working man. He also spent his entire life with high aspirations. He was very optimistic and enjoyed working with his father on their business and on the farm. Brock had another phrase that led his beautifully lived life. “It is what it is” could be heard coming from Brock often. What he meant by this is just deal with the problem. If an issue arises, put your mind to it and fix the problem. Roger Gussiaas shared a story of a time they were working on a combine together and although it was a hot day, Brock and Roger got to it and fixed the combine within a few hours in order to use it for harvesting. He had a contagious attitude when it came to things like this. We all run into problems, but Brock never complained or blamed. This is a true lesson that we can all learn from such a bright spirit; let’s get to it and get it done!

Roger loved working with his son whom he would say was his very best friend. He learned so much from him in his time with us on this earth. Brock remains to help him every day. His ideas and learning live with him and continue to drive his business endeavors and everyday life. 

All it takes is some extra hard work and ambition to get the job done. Brock emphasized this for his successful and loving life.