Oilseed News/ Noticias de semillas oleaginosas

Supply Side West International Trade Show


Healthy Oilseeds attended Supply Side West International Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada November 8-9, 2018 for the first time. A bit overwhelming as there were more than 17,000 ingredient buyers and suppliers from throughout the health and nutrition industry. We met wonderful people that are very interested in our family owned company and the products we produce.

Hemp Conferences


Roger has been in the hemp industry for a number of years and is considered a valuable resource to a number of people.  He gladly shares his insight to those new to the industry or those wanting to know more. Roger attended the 25thAnnual Hemp Industries Association annual conference November 2-5, 2018 in Los Angeles. He also attends numerous conferences in the Midwest supporting the growers and those in the hemp industry.

TeCC Tribal Hemp Summit


Karen attended the Tribal Hemp Summit on March 21 in Denver meeting with the Tribal E-Commerce Coalition (TeCC) attended by 12 different tribes. Healthy Oilseeds shared information on the hemp industry and our work processing hempseed.

Trade Mission Trips


Healthy Oilseeds has had the opportunity to participate in Trade Mission Trips sponsored by the North Dakota Trade Office.The trips provide for expanding our trade opportunities globally.  We have had the opportunity to attend trade mission trips to countries such as Italy, Spain, Peru, Colombia, the Philippines, and more.

Visitors to Healthy Oilseeds


Healthy Oilseeds welcomes visitors and has been honored to host many guests in the agriculture and food industry to our production facility over the years.  We collaborate and learn from each other and have hosted guests from such countries such as Peru, the Philippines, Germany, and Nigeria. We hope to work on building partnerships with the Nigerian people by exchanging ideas, oilseeds, and friendship.

North Dakota Exporter of the Year


Healthy Oilseeds was named the North Dakota Exporter of the Year in 2010 through the North Dakota Trade Office. This award is given to a business who has made large growth globally.

N.D. Farmer Named Exporter of the Year